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Brand names in category Cardio & Blood:

Brand NameGeneric Name 
AceonPerindoprilMORE INFO
Adalat, ProcardiaNifedipineMORE INFO
AltaceRamiprilMORE INFO
AvaproIrbesartanMORE INFO
CaduetAmlodipine Besylate/Atorvastatin CalciumMORE INFO
Calan, IsoptinVerapamilMORE INFO
CapotenCaptoprilMORE INFO
CardizemDiltiazemMORE INFO
CarduraDoxazosin MesylateMORE INFO
CatapresClonidineMORE INFO
Cilexetil, AtacandCandesartanMORE INFO
CombipresClonidine, ChlorthalidoneMORE INFO
CordaroneAmiodaroneMORE INFO
CoregCarvedilolMORE INFO
CoumadinWarfarin SodiumMORE INFO
CozaarLosartan PotassiumMORE INFO
DibenzylinePhenoxybenzamine HclMORE INFO
DiovanValsartanMORE INFO
Esidrix, HydroDiuril, Oretic, Microzide┬ćHydrochlorothiazideMORE INFO
HytrinTerazosinMORE INFO
HyzaarLosartan Potassium/HydrochlorothiazideMORE INFO
InderalPropranololMORE INFO
Ismo, Monoket, ImdurIsosorbide MononitrateMORE INFO
Isordil, SorbitrateIsosorbide DinitrateMORE INFO
LanoxinDigoxin (Digitek)MORE INFO
LasixFurosemide, FrusemideMORE INFO
LopressorMetoprololMORE INFO
LotensinBenazepril HydrochlorideMORE INFO
LozolIndapamideMORE INFO
MicardisTelmisartanMORE INFO
MinipressPrazosinMORE INFO
ModureticAmiloride Hcl/HydrochlorothiazideMORE INFO
NormadateLabetalol HclMORE INFO
NorpaceDisopyramideMORE INFO
NorvascAmlodipine BesylateMORE INFO
PlavixClopidogrel BisulfateMORE INFO
PlendilFelodipineMORE INFO
Prinivil, ZestrilLisinoprilMORE INFO
PrinzideLisinopril/HydrochlorothiazideMORE INFO
RythmolPropafenone HclMORE INFO
TenoreticAtenolol, ChlorthalidoneMORE INFO
TenorminAtenololMORE INFO
TrentalPentoxifyllineMORE INFO
VasereticEnalapril Maleate-HCTZMORE INFO
VasotecEnalaprilMORE INFO
ZebetaBisoprololMORE INFO

Generic names in category Cardio & Blood:

Generic NameBrand Name 
Amiloride Hcl/HydrochlorothiazideModureticMORE INFO
AmiodaroneCordaroneMORE INFO
Amlodipine BesylateNorvascMORE INFO
Amlodipine Besylate/Atorvastatin CalciumCaduetMORE INFO
AtenololTenorminMORE INFO
Atenolol, ChlorthalidoneTenoreticMORE INFO
Benazepril HydrochlorideLotensinMORE INFO
BisoprololZebetaMORE INFO
CandesartanCilexetil, AtacandMORE INFO
CaptoprilCapotenMORE INFO
Captopril/HctzMORE INFO
CarvedilolCoregMORE INFO
ClonidineCatapresMORE INFO
Clonidine, ChlorthalidoneCombipresMORE INFO
Clopidogrel BisulfatePlavixMORE INFO
Digoxin (Digitek)LanoxinMORE INFO
DiltiazemCardizemMORE INFO
DisopyramideNorpaceMORE INFO
Doxazosin MesylateCarduraMORE INFO
EnalaprilVasotecMORE INFO
Enalapril Maleate-HCTZVasereticMORE INFO
FelodipinePlendilMORE INFO
FosinoprilMORE INFO
Furosemide, FrusemideLasixMORE INFO
HydrochlorothiazideEsidrix, HydroDiuril, Oretic, Microzide┬ćMORE INFO
IndapamideLozolMORE INFO
IrbesartanAvaproMORE INFO
Isosorbide DinitrateIsordil, SorbitrateMORE INFO
Isosorbide MononitrateIsmo, Monoket, ImdurMORE INFO
Labetalol HclNormadateMORE INFO
LisinoprilPrinivil, ZestrilMORE INFO
Lisinopril/HydrochlorothiazidePrinzideMORE INFO
Losartan PotassiumCozaarMORE INFO
Losartan Potassium/HydrochlorothiazideHyzaarMORE INFO
MetoprololLopressorMORE INFO
NifedipineAdalat, ProcardiaMORE INFO
PentoxifyllineTrentalMORE INFO
PerindoprilAceonMORE INFO
Phenoxybenzamine HclDibenzylineMORE INFO
PrazosinMinipressMORE INFO
Propafenone HclRythmolMORE INFO
PropranololInderalMORE INFO
RamiprilAltaceMORE INFO
TelmisartanMicardisMORE INFO
TerazosinHytrinMORE INFO
ValsartanDiovanMORE INFO
Valsartan/HctzMORE INFO
VerapamilCalan, IsoptinMORE INFO
Warfarin SodiumCoumadinMORE INFO

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